New listing, do you recommend Slickdeal or cashbackbase?

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New listing, do you recommend Slickdeal or cashbackbase?

Post by greenpeatrading » Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:16 pm

Hi Crescent

Absolutely love all the great videos, huge kudos to you for all the great tips. :D

I've watched your video about how to get reviews and what not to do and followed all the great advice. I'm just two weeks into a new product launch, have made it onto the first page of results for my category, and just about to break the 100 units sold, but I still don't have any reviews. I've already signed up to Amazon Early Reviewer Program and I'm using Feedback Express to auto send a message to buyers 7 days after purchase. I've done a small giveaway and lots of PPC already.

Maybe I'm being impatient, but I know how important reviews are, so I was searching for other ways to get reviews. I know in your video you say don't use Facebook groups and don't get family to do reviews, so I wondered what your thoughts are on things like slickdeals, cashbackbase, vipon and other review trader sites? It seems that these are not outlawed with Amazon's Terms of Service, so are they a good idea to try or do I just need to hang tight and trust that my quality product will get some reviews soon?
Many thanks

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Re: New listing, do you recommend Slickdeal or cashbackbase?

Post by Crescent » Sat Jul 06, 2019 2:41 am

Thank you for your input and feedback, I'm happy to hear you find value in the content. I don't suggest using any platform to get reviews. Focus on sales and reviews will come. If you really want to get 1 or 2, then have your friends and family leave you one, just do it at your own risk and make sure they can't be connected to you online in any way like I said in the videos.
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