The number of Sellers

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The number of Sellers

Post by rpea565 » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:28 am

Hi Crescent!

I am a newbie to Amazon selling and am currently looking into what product to sell as my first product. I have found a few options with the help of Merchant Words and Jungle Scout, as well as a lot of You Tube videos and just scrolling through Amazon listings. However, despite Jungle Scout numbers following the same rules that what you say in your videos (sales, review numbers, price etc), when I search in Amazon for the same product, there appear to still be a HUGE number of sellers (as in 20+ pages of variations of the product) - does it matter how many sellers there are? I am worried they may pose too much competition.

The reviews are low for most of them and the sales are between 300-400, with a price average around $20. But then when I sort the sales from smallest to largest, there are heaps of variations of the product with <5 sales. When I sort it the other way, there are 50+ products selling over 300 units, some upwards of 1000 units.

I don't have the chrome extension so I can't use that unfortunately to look at the product through Amazon. Is there any other way that I can confirm whether this product may be a good starting point?

Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks.

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Re: The number of Sellers

Post by Crescent » Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:33 pm


Welcome to the community. It doesn't matter how many sellers are in a niche. The only ones that matter are the first page (and the second to some extent). Those are the only listings you'll be competing with. The rest of the listings aren't performing well enough to matter.
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