First Amazon FBA order/shipment?

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First Amazon FBA order/shipment?

Post by joelsison »

Hi all,

I’m new to Amazon FBA and may be putting in my first production run and shipments from Alibaba.

However, with the new FBA rules on Amazon FNA warehouse inventory maximums, I’m not sure if I can send in my entire order or if I’m limited to just 200 units.

I plan on shipping a total of 3000 units (3 different designs, so 1000 units of each design) of a tape product that would weight about 12.5 ounces or .78 lbs each unit.

Approximate dimensions are below:

Carton size: 45*45*30cm
GW: 25kg
About 20 cartons total

After reading the FBA terms it would seem being a new “Professional Seller” I would not have an issue shipping my whole entire shipment to an Amazon warehouse?

*New sellers that have been active for less than 26 weeks, or sellers without enough sales data to generate an IPI score during both of the two score check weeks, will not receive storage limits.

Can someone confirm or verify if my shipment of 3000 units and/or three separate 1000 unit shipments will be an issue considering I’m a new “Professional Seller”? Or would I need to make alternate arrangements with my initial 3000 unit order?

Thanks everyone!!!

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